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Adoption Name: Gabby

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english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
  • Breed: English Setter
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Medium
  • Updated: 07/25/17


Description and Additional Information:

This is Gabby and she is the real deal. She is 5 years-old and a breast cancer survivor. She has had her surgery and been given a clean bill of health. Gabby is housebroken, polite, loves to play ball, and chase birds. She is very eager to please, she sits, and comes when she is called. Gabby is a calm, loving, companion. She walks on a leash with a gentle leader and is getting over her fear of passing cars. We walk a couple of miles every day in the city and she is doing much better with distractions. Gabby is willing to share her food, water and toys. She even has our cat’s endorsement. She is non-aggressive but can be re-active if another dog is aggressive towards her. We call her baby bring-it. She never starts an argument but she has a fierce brave heart that keeps her from running away from a situation. She can be called off, however. If you are looking for a beautiful, loving friend, she just might be your girl. If you are interested in adopting Gabby or another OESR dog, you must complete the application process at www.oesr.org. We will no be able to answer your questions until you have been approved to adopt. All adoptive homes must have a fenced yard or other type of containment or boundaries for the dog. Vet and personal reference checks as well as a home visit will be conducted prior to final adoption approval for all OESR dogs. Adoption fees range from 250.00 to 395.00

  • Has Current Shots
  • Spayed / Neutered
  • House Trained
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