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Adoption Name: Reggie

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english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
  • Breed: English Setter
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Medium
  • Updated: 07/09/17


Description and Additional Information:

Dog Name: Reggie Gender: Male Age: Approximately 6 years old Size-Weight: 60 lb. Color: Black and white Breed: English Setter Socialization-training: Reggie loves to socialize with people and well-mannered dogs. Trained to sit, place, ..go find.. loves nose games, and to leash walk. Good with Children: Yes. Good with Dogs: Reggie enjoys playing with other dogs. He would not do well in a home with a domineering dogs or a large unneutered male. Good with Cats: NO! House trained: Absolutely. Accidents are a sign he is in distress or ill and are almost unheard of. Crate trained: Yes! You’ll find that he’s so lovely at home he doesn’t need one. Leash trained: Yes. Reggie must walk-hike on a leash for his own safety. We use an Easywalk harness. Activity Level: High. Reggie is the classic Setter. He is active and birdy outside and laid back in the house. He loves to play scent games ..go find, puzzles.., take long walks, chase birds-squirrels, and lay in the sun. He is less active during the hottest summer months. Fence: A large, secured fenced in yard is required. Behavior: Reggie has a wonderful temperament. He is a hunting dog with a high prey drive, so he is more concerned with nature than with people or other dogs when outside. Inside, he is mellow. You could say he is an introvert who just adores his closest people and fur-friends, and likes calm, drama free environments. He likes a little space, as long as he still knows you’re there! Medical History: Reggie has dysplasia in his right hip that has developed some arthritis. He is currently on Adequan-Gabapentin. Allergic to chicken and potatoes. Seasonal allergies. Foster Comments: Reggie is very responsive to positive training and treats. Harsh commands or dominance methods of training are not ideal for him. He loves pets and will let you know if he wants to cuddle. He absolutely LOVES his fruits and vegetables, and would do anything for a green bean, a carrot, or a BEET J. He recently began playing with smaller non-neutered males, which is great progress since he was attacked by large non-neutered males in the past. That said, dog parks are unpredictable environments that are best avoided. He loves to play games that involve his nose or that are interactive. He is a gentle giant who likes to romp around with is momma or play tug of war with his bear. This comeback kid is excited for adventure and happy to be living and loved. ICYWW: Reggie was rescued from a concrete slab in rural KY when he was about 3 years old, and his current owner taught him what it means to live in a real home with lots of love. Boy, has he learned to love soft furniture! Unfortunately, a move downgraded Reggie to a small apartment and limited yard access. He yearns to have his very own big, secure yard with a family who will walk with him and give him all the time and attention he deserves! If you are interested in adopting him or another OESR dog, you must complete the application process. All adoptive homes must have a fenced yard or other type of containment or boundaries for the dog. Vet and personal reference checks as well as a home visit will be conducted prior to final adoption approval for all OESR dogs. Adoption fees range from 250.00 to 395.00

  • Has Current Shots
  • Spayed / Neutered
  • Not Good With Cats
  • House Trained
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