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Adoption Name: Stella

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english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
  • Breed: English Setter
  • Age: Young
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Medium
  • Updated: 07/30/17


Description and Additional Information:

Hi, my name is Stella and my foster parents told me that I have to write something up telling everyone about myself. I am fairly young, and I always have lots of energy to run around and play with my other foster brothers and sisters. I know that I have to go potty out outside and that when I am in my crate I have to wait until my humans let me out to go potty. I get along with all of my other foster brothers and sisters no matter how big or small they are.I even get along with some of my older and crankier foster siblings. They don’t always like how much I want to play but I don’t let that bother me. I would love to have high energy brothers and sisters that I can run around and play with. I can play for hours on end. I love to play fetch with my humans and they even throw the ball/toy again when I bring the ball back. Sometime s I forget that I am supposed to give it back and I try to play tug with my human instead. I also love to carry my toys around, especially squeaky toys, (just in case I find someone that wants to play) and sometimes I even drop them in the water while I play with them. Because playing with wet toys is SO fun. My humans live on a farm and have chickens, ducks and geese all over the place and a cat as well. I love to check on them and would probably do best if my new home didn’t have them. I live with a kitty now but sometimes get rough with him. So any kitties have to be dog savvy or have their own area that I can’t get to. Don’t tell my foster parents but there are loads of things to play with and eat on the countertops. If they don’t pay attention and if I am quick enough I can find something tasty to eat or chew up. I am healthy and up to dates on my shots. When my parents leave for work I stay in my crate and I love to bark. I also love to bark to let my parents know that they have guests over or in the UPS guy shows up. My humans are teaching me lots of commands and manners and I even went to this really nifty class that taught me loads of stuff. I can sit and know what off means. I know that I am not supposed to jump up on people and that if I sit the male human gives me treats as a reward. From Stella’s foster dad Stella is on Prozac and takes one pill everyday, this is a something she might be on for life. She is high energy and gets along with all dogs who are ok with roughhouse style of play. Little dogs should be ok with living with highly energetic big dogs. She is a big puppy. She loves to sleep on the bed with me. She might annoy older dogs who just want to nap. She loves to climb on to my lap to get some hugs and pets and can be a big snuggler. She gets wound up quickly and would probably do best in a home with out a whole lot of people coming and going. Children living with Stella should be 18 or older. Stella loves water and pools and would be happy to swim around with you in one this summer. Stella went to a training course and the trainer is will to work with her new family. Stella does bark a lot so townhomes and apartments are not a right fit. In an ideal world anyone interested in Stella would be able to travel to northern VA with their human and furry family members to meet her. If you are interested in adopting Stella or another OESR dog, you must complete the application process at www.oesr.org. We will not be able to answer your questions about this dog until you have become an approved adopter. All adoptive homes must have a fenced yard or other type of containment or boundaries for the dog. Vet and personal reference checks as well as a home visit will be conducted prior to final adoption approval for all OESR dogs. Adoption fees range from 250.00 to 395.00

  • Spayed / Neutered
  • Has Current Shots
  • House Trained
  • Not Good With Cats
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