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Adoption Name: Ramses

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english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
  • Breed: English Setter, Labrador Retriever
  • Age: Baby
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Medium
  • Updated: 10/02/17


Description and Additional Information:

Hi my name is Ramses! I know my name and usually listen but sometimes I get so excited playing with my step siblings that I forget to listen. I always try to do why I am supposed to and I am being told that I am getting better. But I am still a puppy and there are just so much fun stuff to do and see. My foster dad works with me and is teaching me all sorts of new things like how to sit, my name and not to jump up on the counter or tables. If I do what I am asked I get a TREAT! Can you believe it? I love living in Virginia with my foster family but I don't really care where my forever home will be, as long as you love me and continue to teach me things. I will be the best dog I can be! I promise I will try my best! I know that I am supposed to go potty outside and most of the time I do but sometimes I have accidents. But my foster parents have crate trained me, so I am getting better every day. I also tinkle a bit when I get excited, I am really sorry about that...I swear that I try not to but sometimes that thing has a mind of its own. I LOVE to play. I can play by myself with my toys but it is so much more fun to run around like a crazy dog with my foster siblings. I am rather active and full of energy, but that too is to be expected from a pup like me! I get along with everyone human, canine (small or large or somewhere in between), and even my cat foster sibling. I also enjoy my foster parents' birds they have roaming around their farm. I think they make great snacks! So I have to stay away from them. I love cuddles and kisses and don't mind being picked up and carried around. The more attention you give me the happier I am - I am an oversized lap dog at heart! I am a fearless little guy, thunderstorms do not faze me! I also don't mind being in my crate, I just go to sleep, but I will talk to let you know I am in the crate when you do come home, and maybe I have a couple of things to say in between, so an apartment is probably not the best place for me. I would also love a sibling to play with, being by myself just doesn't seem like enough fun! Adopt me soon! If you are interested in adopting Ramses or another OESR dog, you must complete the application process at www.oesr.org. We will not be able to answer your questions about this dog until you are approved to adopt. All adoptive homes must have a fenced yard or other type of containment or boundaries for the dog. Vet and personal reference checks as well as a home visit will be conducted prior to final adoption approval for all OESR dogs. Adoption fee is $395.00 for unaltered pups with $25.00 rebate for proof of spay/neuter and $25.00 rebate for proof of microchip if not already done.

  • Has Current Shots
  • Spayed / Neutered
  • House Trained
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