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Adoption Name: Dolly

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english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
english setter for adoption
  • Breed: English Setter, English Pointer
  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Medium
  • Updated: 02/23/18


Description and Additional Information:

SWEET, SWEET, SWEET! That’s what everyone says when they have the pleasure of meeting me. I am a kind and quiet old girl who had the misfortune of spending most of my life with not so kind people. I haven’t been exposed to many positive human experiences, so I’m a bit like a puppy- everything is new and exciting. I’m from Tennessee and my foster mom named me after another great lady from TN, Dolly Parton, because I’m as well endowed as she is! The vet and my foster mom believe that a hunter used me for backyard breeding and that I lived most of my life, outside, in a cage. My little feet curve down-- like I had to consistently walk on a cage floor, and my teeth are worn down to nubs from chewing on the cage. The vet said I’m probably 10 or 11. The vet says I’m super sweet and docile. I’m also super brave- I go with them to the back room, every time, no questions asked. Since I spent most of my time in a cage, I do NOT like to be caged up, anymore. It is the only time you will hear me bark. I tolerate it for about ½ hour and then I will let you know how upset I am. I have a raspy whisper bark, so I’m not too loud. When I first arrived at my foster home, last November, I didn’t realize that I couldn’t go to the bathroom wherever I wanted, so OESR bought me a cage to help my foster mom house train me. Well, I’m so smart that I no longer need that rotten old cage. As long as I have an attentive family, I understand to go to the door to let you know I need to go out. I won’t wine or bark, though, so you must pay attention! It may take me a week or two to get the hang of it at a new home, but I will get it. Also, I think it is really cool that I get to go outside and then get let back inside. What a great game! Sometimes, I don’t have to go to the bathroom, but will stand at the door to go out and then my foster mom let’s me come right back in- Every time! I do come with my cage and a baby gate (which I tolerate much better!) and my bed, which is my most prized possession. I love my bed. Love, love, love it. You don’t ever have to worry about me getting out of it at night to cause any trouble. I go to bed at 8:00 and I don’t get up again until you wake me up in the morning. No cage or baby gate needed! Before I came to my foster home, I had never seen stairs and it took me a sec to get the hang of them. I’ve never tried to go upstairs in my foster home and I seem to prefer to sleep downstairs. I’m a little stiff in the morning, but once I get going I’m ready for my daily walk and do quite well. I have to be kept on a leash because I’m completely deaf and I don’t see very well. Still, my nose works just fine and I will wander if I’m not leashed or inside a fenced yard. I have no interest in dog parks, just good walks where I can sniff and smell. At my foster home, I get one walk through the woods in the morning and one around the block in the afternoon. I like to stop and sniff at all the wonderful smells. At my foster home, I have a really consistent routine and I do very well with that. Not being able to hear or see very well can make things confusing, so when I know what the plan is, I do much better. When I do get nervous, I will pace back and forth. I used to go to the bathroom, too, but not anymore. Oh, I also come with my own fancy bowls and a very smart collar. Let me tell you about my foster family: First, I have a foster setter brother named Lucky. We didn’t get off to such a great start. You see, living in a kennel a girl has to assert herself. Plus, I had Lyme disease so I probably came off more aggressive than I intended. When I first met Lucky, I tried to let him know I wanted to be the boss. I only did this a few times. Boy, did he take it personally. Little did I know, that Lucky is submissive even to my human foster sister’s fish. Lucky spent the first few weeks running away from me and refusing to come downstairs in the morning. I’ve tried over and over to make it up to him, but that guy can hold a grudge! We’re doing much better, but he still gets up and walks away when I try to lie down beside him. My foster family would probably keep me if it weren’t for Lucky being such a drama queen. He’s just so unhappy with me here. It’s too bad, because Lucky has helped me figure a lot of stuff out. I guess he’s lived inside his whole life and knows the ropes. Plus, my foster family will be moving to Europe in a couple of years and I probably wouldn’t be able to make that kind of journey. My foster mom believes I would do really well with another dog in my new home. My foster grandmother has a little female terrier who is the real boss. Once she let me know that, I accepted it. She doesn’t live with us, but she comes over a lot. Lucky just goes upstairs when she’s here. When we go for walks with her, I know to walk behind her- she is the leader. I get a lot of interaction with other dogs and the only ones I’ve challenged have been the ones in my house. Now that we have our order worked out, we’re good. I don’t have any food aggression. In fact there’s not a mean bone in my body. I just lived in a kennel for so long, it is natural for me to want to know where I fall in the pecking order. I’m quickly learning that living in a house is a lot different than a kennel. Second, I have a 7 year old human foster sister whom I think is the greatest. I want to be with her whenever I can. It’s the BEST when her little friends come over. I am my absolute happiest when I am around children. My foster mom says that I literally shine when I’m around children. I’m really good on the leash and my foster sister gets to walk me when she isn’t in school. I really hope I can find a home with respectful children to love on me. Third, my foster dad. WOW. Do I LOVE HIM. He isn’t home much because of something called the Navy, but when he is, I follow him EVERYWHERE. Even though it’s my foster mom who feeds me, walks me, and picks up my poop, I give him all the credit. I’m definitely a man’s lady. They both love on me a lot, but I like it best when it comes from my foster dad. Finally, the cats… there are two of them. I was very, very, very interested in them when I first arrived. I wouldn’t have hurt them because I don’t have any teeth, but I did hunt them. Then one day they turned on me and I swear I will never bother them again! Now, if they’re walking down the hall, I step aside! I was pretty sick when I came to Virginia. I had Lyme disease and every worm you can imagine- including lung worm! Gross! All that’s been cleared up now, but I will always have a permanent cough from the lung worm damage. I only cough in the evening and first thing in the morning, though. Because I like to sleep downstairs, my cough shouldn’t bother you. In fact, wherever you put my bed is where I’ll sleep. Please, just don’t move it. I like it in the same place, always. I’ve also been recently spayed. The Lyme disease damaged my kidneys and I will have to be on an inexpensive medication for the duration of my life. I take my medicine well when the pill is covered in peanut butter or cream cheese. Not only was I sick, I was seriously overwhelmed by the huge change in my life. I hadn’t had any positive interaction with humans before. I did not know what “petting” was or how amazing it was to have your bottom scratched. For the first few weeks, I would flinch, cower and shake any time my foster family tried to touch me and under no circumstances would I make eye contact with them. I’m pretty much past that now., but if you pet me while I’m asleep, I still jump away, as if something bad is going to happen. I have actually started going up to my foster family and asking to be pet, which they say is a huge win. That said, even though I ride really well in the car, it scares me when I’m put in the car, which is everyday at my foster home. I will shake and put my tail between my legs until you close the door. Like I said, in the beginning, I was pretty stressed out, so my foster mom had me put on a low dose of Prozac. It has really helped me process everything and I should probably stay on it for awhile- especially when I move to a new house and have to adjust to a new routine. My foster mom has pretty strong feelings about me being part of a family and not just “the dog.” She will also make my new family promise to take me for at least a 15 minute walk each morning. I really live for my walks and it is very important for me to get one each morning. I’d like an afternoon walk, too, but the morning walk is more important. Anyway, I’m looking for a family that can give me a soft landing, a regular routine and lot’s and lot’s of love. It would be a major plus if you had another dog and a child (and if you’d put hamburger on my food, but we can discuss that later). I’d be fine with cats, too. The best fit would be a retired person or couple or a family with a stay at home parent or a parent that worked part time that wants a really special girl, but not a 15 year commitment. If you’re looking for a sweet and quiet dog with a lot of life left in her, then I’m your girl! As my namesake Dolly Parton said, “if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” I put up with the rain for a long time, now it’s my turn for the rainbow! Thanks, Dolly If you are interested in adopting him or another OESR dog, you must complete the application process at www.oesr.org. We will not be able to answer your questions about this dog until you have completed the application process and are approved to adopt. All adoptive homes must have a fenced yard or other type of containment or boundaries for the dog. Vet and personal reference checks as well as a home visit will be conducted prior to final adoption approval for all OESR dogs. Adoption fees range from 250.00 to 395.00

  • Spayed / Neutered
  • Has Current Shots
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