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Before you Apply

Adopting is a very serious commitment that involves a lot of time, energy, patience and love. There is also a financial commitment to bringing a dog into your life and providing proper nutrition, animal care services such as grooming, day care, and veterinary care. Please consider this before applying

Prerequisite – Fencing

We require that our dogs have a safe and effective form of a containment system in place in their new home. This can be a physical fence, or an invisible fence. Dogs can even go to homes without a fence, but only if adequate exercise plans are place. Please note that each dog is different and requirements can vary from dog to dog. We will do our best to disclose this information in their bio.

We mandate any canines currently in an applicant’s home have proof of a heartworm test being done in the last 12 months and proof of heartworm preventative being given.

  • Adoption Fees:
  • Puppy under 1 year: $475.00
  • Dog ages 1 – 5 years: $400.00
  • Dog ages 6 – 9 years: $300.00
  • Senior 10 and over: $200.00
  • See Note 1 on Bonded Pairs
  • Health Certificate(s): $50
  • See Note 2 for Special Needs Dogs

We do require the FULL adoption fees be paid, and signed contracts to be submitted before transport or transfer of a dog. We do not accept payments.

*Note 1: First dog at regular price of higher priced category of the two. Second dog is half of the lower category price.   EX- Adopting a 3 year old and a 7 year old would be $400+ 1/2x $300= $550
*Note 2: Dogs with medical conditions on a sliding scale to be decided by the Board of Directors. 


We will do our best to set up a volunteer transport for your adopted/foster dog to within 2 hrs of your location. If you want to transport your dog by air, you must make arrangements yourself.

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