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Our Pack

The people of OESR are what make this organization so unique. There are many ways to help English Setters in need. Here are some of the setter loving folks who make this group so spectacular.  Want to join Our Pack? We need volunteers – see our “How to Help” section for more details.

Nikki Linkous – President

Nikki grew up with Australian Shepard’s, after loosing her lifelong friend, Dingo, of 17 years, she came upon a skinny, tick infested, scruffy dog, who someone thought resembled an English Setter. Nikki researched the breed and decided that this was the breed for her, and soon joined OESR. Come to find out, once Grayson was brought back to health, he wasn’t really a Setter at all, but a golden retriever mix . By then it was too late, as many Setters found refuge under Nikki’s protective wing. Nikki has been with “Our English Setter Rescue” since the beginning in 2009. She is our President, who leads us in the right direction, we are grateful that she is here. Nikki enjoys birding, baking, and getting the dogs out for playtime at the local dog park.

Erin Curtin – Vice-President/Foster Medical Liaison

Erin is a Michigan State University Alum, and a Licensed Veterinary Technician, working in the Veterinary field for 24 years. She came to OESR for the love of the English Setter, Erin is also on our Board of Directors, She is owned by Bucky and Xander, her sweet setter boys! Feel free to contact me anytime!! This breed stole my heart as a little girl and it makes me feel good to give back!! Setters are the best!!.

Sue Narlock – Secretary/Foster Coordinator

Sue came to OESR in honor of her, “Princess Sasha Jean Lin Marie”, a gallant and beautiful Irish Setter. Sasha passed away after 14 years of living a full life with Sue and her family. Sue worked diligently interviewing applicants to adopt our setters. She made a point of staying in touch with them throughout the adoption process to help them find the perfect match. Sue is now our Secretary, and a great asset to our Executive Board. Sue also enjoys reading, sewing, embroidery, when she is not cheering on the Michigan Wolverines, and pestering her Spartan and Buckeye friends!

Jane Cobb – Treasurer

Jane’s love affair with the English Setter started when her daughter had adopted a Llewellin Setter. Jane fell in love with the breed and adopted her first Setter , Cooper, through OESR , who true to form is a fluffy, goofy, boy who brings smiles around. Jane has worked in the accounting field for many years and holds an MBA in Finance. When our previous Treasurer decided to step down, Jane stepped up to the task to become our treasurer and a member of our board. She is also an alum of Kansas State University, and member of KSU Alumni Association, as well as a member of Friends of Konza Prairie, and huge Wildcat fan, and a member of the Cat Backers Club.
Jane loves attending KC Symphony performances, theater, traveling – even if it’s just day trips or long weekends, and finding interesting local foods. Bucket list includes saving dogs, traveling more, retirement, and finding interesting foods and wines. Cheers!

Ashley Cieply – Application Coordinator

Ashley grew up with a setter in the family, and loved to go pheasant hunting with her dad. When Ashley got married, she and her husband rescued their first setter, Ruger, from a local shelter. As their family continues to grow, Ruger is best buds with his little humans. Ashley loves screening applicants and being a part of helping setters find their furever home. She also plans on fostering in the near future.

Amy Madden – Assistant Application Coordinator

Amy has worked in the veterinary field for 15+ years, and has met various setters at work during that time.  After falling in love with her rescued Cocker Spaniels and seeing some setters in action, she decided a setter would be a great addition to the family! Amy foster failed Leeloo, an English Pointer(oops!), from OESR in 2018 and started volunteering in 2019. She shares her home with her husband, Klyde the Great Dane, Anja and Cinder the Cocker Spaniels and Flutter the Cocker/Cavalier mix. In her free time, Amy enjoys running/working out, gardening and traveling.

Susan West Reeser Transport Coordinator/Web Site Maintenance

Susan’s love for the English Setter came in 1999, when her kids wanted a dog for Christmas. Santa and Susan went to the shelter and came home with a 10 week old English Setter puppy. She had no idea what an English Setter was at the time. The next 15 years brought her family so many wonderful memories, and a great appreciation for such an exceptional breed. This appreciation has only grown over the years after around 50 foster dogs; all as unique as the spots on their backs. When she’s not neck deep in coordinating dog transports, Susan enjoys riding her motorcycle, working in her flower garden, photography, and watching her Setter point birds, or squirrels, or sometimes even butterflies! Susan is also on our Board of Directors. It is her hope that all our adopters are gifted with  the same experiences of owning an English Setter.  It is an experience you will never forget!

JoAnn Kirk – Fundraiser/Marketing Coordinator

Deanna Hines – Intake Coordinator

Tarheel born and Tarheel bred, I am a lifelong resident of North Carolina.  Married for 32 years with two adult boys, one in the Navy and one in a graduate Physical Therapy program. I fell in love with setters when I would dogsit a neighbor’s setter as a young adult. I’ve always had a dog in the family, but they had been smaller until I got married.  Our first married dog was a field setter, Mickey.  She was such a kind, patient, loving dog with our boys when they were young.  We decided setters were the right dog profile for us!  Since Mickey, we have had an Irish Setter and now have an English Setter and a Lab mix.  I had been following OESR for years, knowing that we would choose to rescue with our next dog (both current dogs are rescues).  I became involved when a shelter post near me appeared to be a setter mix.  I contacted OESR offering to help.  That was just the beginning………

Denise Cialdella-Giddens – Intake Coordinator

Denise found her first Setter about 20 years ago, in horrific condition along a country roadside, and brought her home. Denise has opened her doors to incoming OESR dogs that needed immediate help, a shelter from the storm. She soon began screening applications, and found she had a knack for matching the right dog with the right people, Denise is now our Intake/Petfinder Coordinator, and is also on our Board of Directors. She enjoys cooking and good friends, and one day hopes to build her own tiny house.

Kathy Edington – Advisor to the Board

I began my journey with OESR in February of 2010 when I found a 2 year old male setter. When all efforts failed to find his owners, I reached out to OESR, and I became his foster. Buddy, aka Dylan, opened my eyes and heart to the rescue world of helping setters in need. I have fostered over 30 setters, five of which I adopted. Poppy, Booker, Sully, Daisy and Piper are thankful for Buddy. He changed all of our lives! Serving as Adoption Coordinator, screening applications, Heartworm Mentor, chairing the OESR booth at Wagfest for 7 years and as Advisor to the Board of Directors are the areas I have volunteered in. I am looking forward to helping with intake and helping organize the OESR Picnic, August 29, 2020. I am thankful to be a part of the OESR TEAM!

Molly Emery – Home Visit Coordinator

Molly started with OESR as a transport driver and home visit volunteer.  Since her first transport almost 5 years ago she has driven over 300 animals for various rescues, and has done nearly 50 home visits.  A lifelong resident of Columbus, about the only thing she loves more than her dog Belle is Ohio State Buckeye football.

Jessica Grieshop Transport Coordinator

Jess (Jessica Grieshop) lives in Spencerville, Ohio along with her fiance Rick Brunswick. Together they have a cat, Nemo, and 3 Setters (Ana, Echo, & Skye). Jess has always admired the English Setter breed ever since she was a young girl, but truly fell in love with the breed when she was volunteering at the Wayne County Humane Society while in college and two English Setters came through. Jess first found OESR after she had gotten her first Setter as a puppy in March 2016 and wanted a group of people to seek guidance for setter related problems if they were to happen. After a while of watching the OESR group on Facebook she started volunteering for transports and then a few years after that started volunteering for home visits and screenings. Now she has also learned how to coordinate the transports and helps wherever she can. She tries her best to attend and participate in the annual Picnic and other events that may happen. Jess also loves to help educate people about the English Setter breed if they ask about her dogs when they’re out and about.

Emily Kolby – Foster Coordinator

Emily got her first English Setter, Becker, 6 years ago while in college and has fallen in love with the breed and has never looked back. 4 years ago, they added another ES to the family named Banner. She joined OESR in 2017 as a foster parent and became the Foster Coordinator in Jan 2020. Emily has always had dogs through her life and has 12 years of experience working at veterinarian offices and dog daycares. She spent 3 years doing beginning obedience training through a dog daycare.