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Forever Foster

Our Forever Foster program is for dogs that may have a terminal condition and require regular medical attention, or are way up on their years, or have a behavior issues that need constant attention. These dogs are not normally available for adoption, and therefore remain in their foster home to their last day..

OESR pays the expenses associated with medication and veterinary care while their Forever Foster Family provides food, a warm bed and LOVE.

It takes a special person to give of themselves this way, and when we find them, we try and provide the resources we can to help.

If you would like to make a donation in honor of one of our Foster Forever pups, please click Donate Now to the right of this message (or below, if you’re on a mobile device).

Below are some of the dogs in our Foster Forever Program:


Shadow joined the OESR pack in May 2016. At age 11 1/2, she was entering the retirement phase of her career as a hunting guide dog. When a year went by and she had not been adopted, she became a “foster-in-residence.” Now at 14 1/2 years young, she is doing great. She is sweet, gentle, and well behaved, just as you would expect from the proper “princess dog” of the house. She gets along with absolutely everyone. She is a sweet ol’ gal!


Elliott came to me as a skinny, weak, deaf stray.  He is HW +, had intestinal worms, multiple lipomas and severe ear infections.  He has shed his old coat, grew a nice thick one, gained 6 pounds and is clear of his ear infections. He is loving life, is an expert rabbit hunter and has fit in well with my pack. 

Jimmy was a former NSTRA national champion before coming into rescue. Born in April of 2004, he is a mild mannered and fun loving old gentleman. Jim is mostly deaf and losing his vision, but he doesn’t let that stop him. Being raised a hunting dog, Jimmy still likes to get out into the field. He has learned how to transition from scouting for game to keeping an eye on his pack mates while out on their weekly hikes. Jimmy has also transitioned very well to the inside life where he has learned how to navigate staircases and snuggle on the couch.


Jenny is approximately 13 years ago. She has been with Britt and Cory since June 2018. She has diabetes and requires insulin injections twice a day—however, it certainly does not slow her down! She enjoys romping in her own fenced-in yard and napping by the fireplace. Jenny is an only dog (she prefers it that way) but gets along well with her three kitty siblings. And her papa is her favorite person in the world!