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Screener Volunteer

Here is an overview of what our screeners do.  If you would like to volunteer in this area, please complete the form below.

Our Process

Application completed by Adopter

  • Application is reviewed for any missing information (1 or 2 days) and posted for a screener to pick up.

Application is Screened

  • Application is picked up by a OESR screener volunteer
  • Application reviewed/screened (time frame 1 week to completion)
    • Contact personal references
    • Contact vet
    • Contact applicant – phone or facetime interview
  • Complete report submitted to OESR for next step
  • Board members vote on screening if approved moves to Home Visit

Home visit is scheduled (this is done by another volunteer)

  • Schedule to meet with applicant and a local OESR Volunteer (1-2 weeks)
  • Report is filled out by “home visit volunteer” and submitted to the Board for a decision.
  • Board members vote on home visit and decide if applicant is approved.

Screener will be advised that the Applicant is approved or disapproved for adoption. Screener will advise applicant.

Several applicants may apply for the same dog. Foster parents will review all applications (this may take time depending on status of screening and home visit) and make a final decision on the best home for a dog.

Screener is the applicants point person through the process while the applicant awaits the perfect Setter to come (timing depends on dogs available for right home).


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