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Foster English Setters – We NEED Fosters!

In order for us to function as a rescue we need to have approved foster homes ready and willing to help when we get notice of a dog in need.

Unwanted dogs tend to come across our desk from every direction. We don’t have a choice as to if they are male or female, young or old, cat friendly or not. Many times we do not have the time to wait to find a foster home as they require a commitment immediately.

We are contacted by shelters and individuals who know of dogs in need of rescue. Breeders have contacted us as well. Sometimes people can no longer care for their dog because of health issues. We cannot help these dogs if we don’t have a place for them to go, and they must be turned away.

Fostering can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life for you and your family. Often we are asked, “how can you let them go” after seeing the transformation of a foster dog. The simple answer is this: our approved adopters are some of the best homes out there. We carefully screen each applicant to ensure our dogs go to safe and happy homes. We match the dogs needs with the applicant. Some dogs need more attention than others. Some would do best in a young household, where others need a place to retire. The foster home has great influence as to where their dog will go. Keep in mind the whole fostering program is about giving your dog the best chance they have at a new life. Once your dog has been placed in a new home and you see the first photos of your dog, you will know you did the right thing. Now, there is room for another dog that has been waiting for that same chance at a new and happy life.

Of course if you decide to adopt your foster dog, you may do so with our blessing.

F. A. Q. in Fostering 101

Q. Will I have my choice of dogs I want to Foster?

A. You will be asked preferences on your foster application, male/female, younger/older, cat friendly, kid friendly, good around other dogs, etc. We will do our best to match you with the right dog. Unfortunately, dogs in shelters are not themselves and it becomes difficult to determine some personality traits.

Q. What are my responsibilities as a Foster Home?

A. We ask that you help your foster dog to become a welcomed new family member. Potty training is very important. Teach him to sit before getting treats or gets his leash clipped to his collar. Get him used to riding in the car and visiting new places. Try to calm any anxieties they may have regarding other dogs/cats or leash walking. If you have any problems, please feel free to ask any one of us for advice. There is also information in your foster packets on how to help your foster become adoptable.

Q. Will I have any out of pocket expenses when fostering?

A. We only ask that you provide food, love, and lots of TLC for your foster dog. We normally try to have the dog completely vetted before they get to you, but sometimes you may have to arrange a vet visit for a booster shot or to check on a previous condition. All vetting will be paid for by the rescue upon approval.

Q. What if my foster dog does not work out with my resident dog?

A. We will work with you to resolve any problems that arise. Usually, there is a simple solution. Keep in mind, your new foster dog will need time to decompress once he gets to you. We will cover the proper steps to introduce your foster before he gets there. This will be of tremendous help in assuring everyone gets off on the right foot. If we cannot find a workable solution, we will move the dog, but keep in mind it may take a week or two for us to find another home.

Once you get your foster, we will request a progress report in 2 weeks. At this time, we will ask you about their temperament, likes/dislikes, and skills learned while in your care. We will also ask regarding any areas of concern you might have. When your foster is ready for adoption we will ask for a short biography of your dog along with a couple cute photos to post on our website. Once they are posted, you will be expected to speak with potential approved adopters interested in your dog. If you have an applicant that you think your dog will be happy with, you will have a major influence as to where your dog goes. We generally let the foster decide, but we do review the decision before we give the final approval.

If you are interested in fostering or have questions about fostering please contact us at [email protected]  Or apply to foster online.

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